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The Hunger Game is coming soon!

How to copy / rip - The Hunger Games with Any DVD Cloner Platinum

copy and rip the hunger games easily with any dvd cloner platinum

The Hunger Games:Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match.
Good young actors group, started by sexy Jennifer Lawrence(Like Crazy), and hansome Josh Journey to the Center of the )and Liam Hemsworth (Triangel), this movie will definitely catch your eye!

The Hunger Games, live up to every expectation and stays real and on the guidelines of the book series. if you enjoyed the books, the film adaptation is a must. The film certainly has the potential to become the new phenomenon in replace of the recently ended Harry Potter series, in many ways it can be compared to the Harry Potter series. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson both played parts excellently and it is one of best performances for both Jennifer and Josh, the other stars in the film also play well and give a superb finish to the cast. The environment in the film very much is what you can imagine from the books explanation and is great to see so well done.

Superb, realistic and meagerly emotional acting, violent and action-packed fight, with lots of special effects and lots of combat sequences, this will make The Hunger Games an awesome movie and will definitely keep you on the border of your seat. You will be unprepared for this masterpiece and be entertained whatsoever!

Why Any DVD Cloner Platinum to clone / rip The Artist?

Features of Any DVD Cloner Platinum:

* Remove all DVD copy protections

* Burn DVD to DVD, copy DVD to DVD folder or ISO Image File
* Customize DVD Structure to copy or shrink
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* Convert DVD to many popular devices, such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Xbox 360, Apple TV, NDS,ext.

As we all know, the movie DVDs are protected by the copy protections(CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS), and proteced DVDs can not be burned to blank DVD for backup directly. But with Any DVD Cloner Platinum, the powerful DVD cloner software, you can clone The Hunger Games DVD easily in 1:1 ratio.

how to use Any DVD Cloner platinum to clone oscars 2012 movies

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How to to clone The Hunger Games to blank DVD disc with Any DVD Cloner Platinum

It only takes 3 steps to clone The Hunger Games to blank DVD disc with Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

Step 1: Insert The Hunger Games DVD into DVD burner and launch Any DVD Cloner Platinum, the powerful DVD cloner software can read the DVD automatcailly.
Then Choose Open Method
choose open method

* Normal (for Unencrypted and CSS Encrypted DVD)
* Lowly Enhanced (less scan times to decrypt DVD)
* Highly Enhanced (more scan times to Decrypt DVD)
Note: It's recommended to use Lowly Enhanced or Highly Enhanced Open Method which may help you to find the exact real main movie title from a list of potential fake titles in some latest DVD movies.

Click click open button to load DVD structure tree

Step 2: Select "Target":
choose target
ISO Image File: this option will create ISO image file on hard disk;
DVD Folder: this option will backup DVD to local hard disk as folder;
Source DVD drive: if you want to clone The Artist to a blank DVD disc with only one DVD burner, select the same as "Source" - your DVD burner.

Step 3: Click click start button to clone oscars 2012 movies to start

After a few minutes, a copy of The Hunger Game will complete and you can enjoy!

How to Rip The The Hunger Game to MP4 for playback on Apple TV/NDS/Android devices/iPad/Samsung Galaxy note?

Watching The Hunger Game with families together on Apple TV, NDS would be fine. You can also enjoy The Hunger Games with your iphone or ipad, or android devices like Samsung Galaxy Note, which is with a big 5.3 inch screen. Any DVD Cloner Platinum can make all of these possibLe.

How to rip The Hunger Games to videos for playback on your portable devices? Any DVD Cloner Platinum can do this for your in a few clicks.

rip oscars 2012 movies with any dvd cloner platinum

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