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Copy Downton Abbey DVD to Blank DVD disc / Hard Drive

copy downton abbey

Downton Abbey: is a British television period drama series, produced by British media company Carnival Films for the ITV network. The series is set on the fictional estate of Downton Abbey in North Yorkshire, and features an ensemble cast. It was created and principally written by actor and writer Julian Fellowes, and premiered on ITV on 26 September 2010.

Downton Abbey ears great frame all over the world and it is one of the most popular TV series all around the world. The TV series is famous for its extraordinary buildings and beautiful outfis. Based on a upper level and rich life, audience are interested in how the upper level people live and what difficulties they would meet.
Moreover, staff in Crawley house have their interesting life at the same time. Upstairs and downstairs are totally two different lives. They are staff and they serve the family but they still have their minds. That is one of the interesting aspects of the whole TV series.

DVD Release Information: Internationally, the U.S. DVD release date was 11 January 2011, in New Zealand it was released on 22 June 2011 and in Australia on 4 August 2011. The release in Australia and New Zealand has an exclusive bonus disc in the DVD version. It contains extras such as cast interviews, geography of Downton: upstairs and downstairs, a day in service and others.
On 16 September 2011, two days before the UK premiere of the second series, it was reported by that the first series of Downton Abbey had become the highest selling DVD Boxset on the online retailer's website of all time, surpassing popular American programmes such as The Sopranos, Friends and The Wire.

How to copy Downton Abbey to DVD on MAC - Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac

Why Any DVD Cloner Platinum

*Clone Downton Abbey DVD to blank DVD, shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5 in 1:1 ratio

*Rip Downton Abbey DVD to: MP4, MKV, M4V with outstanding quality

*Copy Downton Abbey DVD on hard drive as DVD folder or ISO Image File, play the file anytime anywhere with media player

What you need to copy Downton Abbey? A Downton Abbey DVD, a computer with a DVD burner, a blank DVD disc, and a DVD Cloner software that you use to copy Downton Abbey DVD - Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

How to copy Downton Abbey to blank DVD disc with Any DVD Cloner Platinum

how to use Any DVD Cloner Platinum to copy Downton Abbey

It takes 3 steps to clone Downton Abbey to blank DVD disc with Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

Step 1: Insert Downton Abbey DVD into DVD burner and launch Any DVD Cloner Platinum, Any DVD Cloner Platinum can recognize the your DVD burner path automatcailly, then click "Open DVD" to load the DVD information in the program.

Step 2: Select "DVD Clone" mode & Target
There are 4 modes are listed in DVD Clone: Full Movie, Main Movie, Customized and 1:1 Clone. You can select the one you need and also do not forget to select Target option correctly.
ISO Image File: this option will create ISO image file on hard disk;
DVD Folder: this option will backup DVD to local hard disk as folder;
Source DVD drive: if you want to clone Downton Abbey to a blank DVD disc with only one DVD burner, select the same as the "Input Device".

Step 3: Click "Start." button to start

How to Copy Downton Abbey on Hard Drive with DVDSmith Movie Backup ?

Do not want to clone Downton Abbey to blank DVD disc but hope to copy Downton Abbey on hard drive only? How about copying Downton Abbey to DVD folder or ISO Image File for free? DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware should be best solution for you. Copying Downton Abbey on hard drive as DVD folder or ISO Image File, then watch it anywhere with a media player at any time, and there won't be any quliaty loss! Have a try now for the extreme simple copy process with DVDSmith Movie Backup!

1. Insert Downton Abbey DVD in your DVD drive

The logo of your DVD drive will be changed into a disc shape with disc name as below:

DVDSmith Movie Backup: Copy your DVD to hard drive.

(Note: this disc named 0223 is for illustration only, since that the disc name will be loaded automatically according to your disc.)

2. Choose backup mode

In the main work space, you can see two backup modes:

DVDSmith Movie Copy: Backup movie DVD to computer
This will backup all contents from the DVD, including main movie, bonus features, and maybe some other extra video clips.

DVDSmith Movie Backup: Copy movie DVD to computer hard drive.
This will only backup the main movie from the DVD, excluding bonus features or other extra video clips.

3. Select source disk location

All DVD drivers will be listed in the drop down list. Select the drive where Downton Abbey DVD is inserted.

DVDSmith Movie Clone: Backup movie DVD to computer

4. Select output folder path

Remember to choose a place where there's enough space to put the backup files.

If the Free Space of Hard Disk is smaller than the DVD Size, you should press this DVDSmith Movie Clone: Backup movie DVD to computer button to change output folder with enough free space in the disk.

Otherwise, this prompt will appear:

5. Select Copy Method.

There are three copy methods availalbe of copying DVD to hard drive with DVDSmith Movie Backup. The DVD copy methods are:
Normal: For unencrypted and CSS encrypted DVD.
Lowly Enhanced: less scan times to decrypt DVD.
Highly Enhanced: more scan times to decrypt DVD.

6. Start backup

After all DVD copying settings are done, press "Start Backup" button to start the Downton Abbey DVD copying process.
If you decide to backup later or just want to cancel it, press "Stop Backup" button to stop the DVD copying process.

7. Check the Output Folder

Once the backup process is finished, you can explore them on the hard disk:

(Note: above file illustration is in Full Disc mode. If using Main Movie mode, there will be different.)

Clone Downton Abbey DVD to blank DVD disk with Any DVD Cloner Platinum or copy Downton Abbey DVD on hard drive with DVD Movie Backup Freeware, easy to backup Downton Abbey DVD in flexible ways.

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