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Story line:Six girls are on the way for an adventure travel, they came to a bottomless cave, however, in their entry into the hole in soon after the collapse of the sudden outbreak blocked the entrance of the cave, and make them cut off from the outside world of contact.  In the boundless and unknown darkness, they began to look for life, but soon, they realize that, in the thousands years’ ancient cave, they are not the only creatures.

The Descent is a pulse-pounding and scary movies focusing on despair space with a larger metaphor about the dark side of human nature. It can be regarded as the most scary movie in 2005.

In the whole movie, fast simply rhythm, good music sound and nausea and bloody scenes will continually stimulate your nerve. It’s definitely a good movie worth to put on microphones and enjoy at night slowly.

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How to convert The Descent for playing on iPad/iPhone/Xbox360?

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Step 1: Choose DVD Ripping mode and Open DVD.

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Step 2: Choose Output Folder

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Step 3:: Select Output Options

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Audio: Here you can choose audio language for output video. The available options depend on original DVD. Subpicture: Here you can choose subpicture for output video. The available options depend on original DVD. Output Format: M4V, MP4 and MKV output formats are available. Please note you need to select right output format for your device supported.

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