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Story line:After the end of the second world war, Grace raised a pair of children alone in an island of England and patiently waited for her husband to come from the war. The two children were afraid of light, and they would become ill when exposed to light, so all the curtain in the home was closed. In such a dark antiquated mention, Grace ushered in three new servants. After the three servants’ coming, Grace becomes nearly crazy since the curtain and door were often opened, and piano automatic created sound suddenly, and her daughter also said that she can often see strange man. Grace got in the state of mental stress, she did not understand why strange things often happen, and also don't understand why her husband didn't return.

A strong suspense ran throughout the whole movie from beginning to end, our mind was imprisoned in a big house as this family, and had no idea of what exactly happened until the last moment of ending. This result, seldom people could figure out. After knew the answer, we thought carefully and would find that the director had ingeniously buried foreshadowing from beginning to end, but no one would relates all the details together, and no one’ imagination could reach to that extent. By creation, suspense, and atmosphere, this movie total controlled audience's psychology and emotion.

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